seven and eight

seven and eight
by sarddy

The photo above shows my lunch

So now we’re being threatened with taco trucks. “On every corner!” The response to this latest us-against-them lunacy has been deservedly hilarious. Talk show monologues, Facebook memes and T-shirts have all embraced the impending wealth of taco choices.

We have too. Our new old house is in Pilsen, a predominantly Mexican neighborhood in Chicago. So our taco choices are many and varied. Still, when I walked to the neighborhood hardware store this past weekend (I’m building yet another bookcase, this one just for cookbooks) and was handed a flyer for a new taqueria opening right up the street, I of course had to stop and read the menu in the window. And when I shared the menu with Marion, we of course had to order lunch there.

a Yucatan-style Cochinita Pibil with pulled pork, pickled red onions and habanero salsa, and a Lomo with grilled ribeye, salsa ranchera and huge grilled green onions. Marion had a fish taco with beer-battered tilapia, smoked red cabbage, scallions and sriracha tartar sauce, and an Arabe, a Lebanese-influenced taco grilled Puebla-style, with marinated pork and chipotle salsa.

They were every bit as delicious as they sound. Fresh and complex and, even to our Pilsen-spoiled taste buds, stellar. This new place is El Taco Azteca Restaurant. The rustic wood benches and tables gleam with fresh polyurethane, and the whole place shows evidence more of hard work and love than of a big cash investment.

That said, it’s a safe bet that the owners have everything invested in this place—their own money and that of relatives, I would guess. The restaurant business is a hard one. I hope they make a go of it. As Marion said, they will certainly have our custom on a regular basis.

I’m sure it’s a coincidence that El Taco Azteca Restaurant opened on Labor Day weekend. The opening was undoubtedly driven by equipment being installed, permits finally being issued, flyers being printed. But it being Labor Day weekend made me think about the taco truck scare, the latest salvo in the “THEY’RE COMING TO TAKE YOUR JOBS” frightfest.

On that Saturday afternoon, we didn’t see anyone taking anyone’s jobs. Instead, we saw four people—none of them US born—making jobs. Four jobs for now, but with persistence and luck, probably more. This is the America I love. The one that recognizes that most of us are here because someone came from somewhere else before us. The one that welcomes hard work and new ideas, wherever they come from.
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the side type of person

I have this conversation often enough. It originally started way back when I was probably a sophomore or junior in high school, in which me and a very close friend were discussing the topic. Yesterday, I brought it up to my coworkers during what we have aptly dubbed the “pants party” (when we change out of our scrubs into normal clothes after work hong kong travel tips).

I happened to be folding laundry while sitting on the toilet (the locker room is our bathroom and laundry room also), and the subject of pooping got brought up (apparently there are different ways to sit on the toilet and poop, too). That ultimately led to our discussion about wiping (not just limited to pooping, especially for the ladies). We decided that there were a few main stances Туризм Гонконг.

There is the lean to the side, the lean forward/squat, and then the stand up, with degrees of difference in each. We all kind of thought that wiping standing up was really weird, and inefficient. I happen to be a lean to the side type of person hong kong local tour.
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emotional cheating

This is another gray area, because some people are just naturally charming and flirty. Even being a gentleman could be considered flirting, or that care giving nature. But if that’s just who you are and you weren’t intentionally flirting or coming on to someone, I don’t consider that cheating. At the same time, intentional flirting is a no-no. Telling the difference is hard.

But, back to my title question. Emotional cheating is often considered the worst, or at least just as bad, as physical cheating. I’ll leave that up for you to decide. What I want to know is if the sex and sexuality of the people in question matters as far as emotional cheating is concerned.

Take this example: Person A is in a relationship with Person B, and is good friends with Person C. A and B have been arguing a lot lately, but they both still love each other very much. Person A needs someone to vent to one night about the workplace and about the arguments with Person B, and really, just life. Person C is A’s closest friend, so they hang out. Person A vents, while C listens intently.

Months go on, and Person A seems to be going to Person C to vent a lot more than Person B, who A should probably be going to.

Case and point: emotional cheating.
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because i wanted to live

Thursday, January 5, 2012Wow, I read the last entry in December and literally cried. I remember posting but i didnt remember the words. Had i kept them at the front of my mind, maybe i wouldnt have messed everything up so badly. So a reality hit me, and its one I can say I never wanted or thought I would have. I have to let him go Again. I am really not sure what i'm supposed to do here. I thought from deep inside, from my soul, that we were supposed to be together, but I was wrong.
I feel like its killing me. And he will never truly know what I would have done for him. Now, I don't either, because it wont be coming down to the wire, that moment that i do something for him that he never would have expected, just doesnt exist anymore. All i know is that i would have risked Anything for that one man, aside from my son, and i would have done it gladly, i have no doubt about that, because i genuinely risked love, my heart, my trust, hope, my mental well being, my physical self, i risked all i had, it wasnt enough and i lost it all.

The only thing left is some old damaged and mostly depleted faith i had years ago, that my past trompled and destroyed, but now thats what i have left to work with, so i know that i need to hold it, and protect it and keep it safe, from Everyone!!! Its what i have left in this life, its what i have left to rebuild everything i just lost with, its mine and i cant allow anyone to touch it, its hard enough to let the people that know thats all i have, to even see it in the slightest way. There is so much inside me, and i know that i have to sit back and let it settle before i can even attempt to sort it out.Its the same old drill from over 10 years ago when i found out that i had panic disorder.

i was placed on medication and told to wait, and after a year or so later and any number of medications that didnt work and nearly drove me insane with fear and sadness and doubt, i was told once again, to wait.

So because i wanted to live, i did, i waited, and after about 3 full months, i could see what i was waiting for. it was all there, all my thoughts and fears and concerns and sadness and a tremendous amount of determination to put them all behind me.
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get the best of me

I allowed my panic disorder to get the best of me, i had fears building inside me, I kept forgetting to take the medication for it, I tried desperately to reach out, but I was just too embarrassed I think, I was ashamed of how I would appear by asking for things that seemed so trivial, and i basically denied myself the things that could have stopped it phone covers.

And the end, well, now, I am more ashamed and and embarrassed than i ever thought possible, and not only that, but I managed to drive away the person I truly loved most in this world embroidery patch.

I'm just numb right now, if it werent for Steven, I dont know what I would even want with being on this earth at all. I keep wanting to wake up and believe that its not true, but I dont. I think I pretty much pushed his heart towards someone else anyways, now its just one breath at a timenu skin group :( I love you more than anything Jeff Molloy, and I'll be eternally sorry nuskin hk.
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